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Why choose Sunday Hotel Antiparos?

Sunday Hotel Antiparos is a new idyllic oasis silhouetted along the clear blue skyline of Antiparos island and located on the coastline in the Antiparos village.

As one of the leading Antiparos beach hotels, Sunday Hotel combines the elegance and quality you would come to expect from a top hotel of this high caliber.

Antiparos. One of the best loved holiday destinations in Greece!

The natural beauty of the island along with its beautiful beaches, picturesque streets, whitewashed houses and traditional character will make you visit Antiparos again and again!

Antiparos is the ideal destination for families, and all those who seek to taste the cycladic life for their holiday.

Antiparos. An island. A place full of life, history, dreamy beaches and gorgeous colours. An unmatched experience. Sunday Hotel Antiparos . An original, contemporary concept of hospitality. An exceptional accommodation.


The deluxe Antiparos accommodation provided by Sunday Hotel includes minimally appointed and exquisitely furnished rooms, all with magnificent view of Antiparos port and the Aegean Sea.

Pantelis Fish Tavern

Just by the sea, Sunday Hotel’s famous fish tavern is “Pantelis”, a stylish restaurant, which features some of the finest cuisine on Antiparos Island.

Lounge Bar

Operating all day long, Sunday Hotel’s lounge bar is offering its guests brunch and lunch, coffee and cocktails till late at night. Relax by the sea enjoying the quality and the ambience of Sunday Hotel Lounge Bar!

Antiparos & Activities

Do you feel ready to ride the waves? Or does a nice boat tour around the island suit you best? Here you can see the available activities in Antiparos.

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